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Bluebeard's Castle

A collaboration between opera and electronica, BK Opera presents Bluebeard’s Castle, an enhanced concert performance of this stunning Bartók opera.

BK Opera’s rendering of this tragic story will confront the harsh reality of a woman’s experience in an abusive relationship as it escalates. Based off the classic fairy tale, Bluebeard’s Castle shows Bluebeard and Judith trapped in a destructive psychological duel. Leaving her family and isolating herself beside him, Judith has come to live with Bluebeard. His secret mesmerizes her—she has heard the terrifying rumours, and yet, she is drawn in. 

The cast is comprised of seasoned opera singers, Adrian Tamburini and Zara Barrett. With over 30 years of experience combined, their rich dramatic voices bring gravitas to this obscure Hungarian opera.


BK Opera has teamed up with acclaimed composer, Kym Dillon, to bring this opera into the 21st century, transforming the usual orchestral accompaniment into a sweeping and epic piece of electronic music. Working closely with conductor, James Penn, to create a new and modern take on this piece, producing something both cutting edge and timeless.


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